Gian Carlo Soave

Research, consultancy and legal assistance in the field of Insurance Law.


Gian Carlo Soave has dedicated 20 years of his professional career to insurance law, offering consulting services to leading Insurance companies, researching and studying the subject and collaborating with some of the industry’s main periodicals and journals.

Gian Carlo Soave’s core business – exclusively and from the very beginning – is to provide legal counsel and services to both general and specialised Insurance companies.

Mr Soave has been listed in the Register of the Tribunal of Genoa since 1996 and is qualified as Barrister for the Court of Cassation and Superior Jurisdictions.

Gian Carlo provides professionalism, discretion and dedication to clients, values that have allowed him to gain and maintain client trust.

20 years

of experience
in Insurance Law

Collaboration as in-house legal advisor in charge of technical audits and claims management for a leading Italian Insurance company

Training for corporate clients

Consultancy services for judicial and extrajudicial claims and subrogation claims on behalf of Insurance companies.

The Firm

Law is a creative language, made up of rules, regulations and verdicts.
This live body of works constantly paves new roads one must know how to navigate with preparation and instinct.

Gian Carlo Soave Law Firm constantly studies and researches this huge and complex body of laws and rulings to find elements that provide clear answers to client queries and that offer a simple safeguard of both personal and corporate rights. With this objective in mind, the firm relies on its vast technical preparation, deeply rooted humanistic studies and an inexhaustible curiosity in the fast-paced and ever-changing scope of legislation.