Gian Carlo Soave, lawyer

The Firm supplies consultancy services for the drawing up and revision of policy conditions (life, liability and injuries); risk analysis, claims management; relations with the Supervisory Authorities; compliance procedures; authorisation procedures, and, of course, legal assistance in judicial or arbitration proceedings and in subrogation claims and debt collection operations.

Resources for Claims Managers

Our Firm provides training and updates to Insurance company claims managers regarding the most significant and current changes in Regulation and Legislation, so as to establish effective and productive business relations.

Analysis of reserves

The Firm compiles periodic reports regarding covers and their possible developments so as to allow clients to effectively evaluate the adequacy of the reserves on bills of lading.

Digitalisation of communications

The Firm supplies each client with digital and password-protected access to all electronic files, thus offering real-time access to all client files with a significant saving on costs.

Selected network of trusted partners and firms

The Firm boasts a wide network of selected and loyal legal correspondents who enable the firm to operate on the entire national territory with the same standards of competence and expertise.

Gian Carlo Soave has matured vast professional experience in managing and liaising with trusted lawyers and firms, in close collaboration with the management of leading Insurance Groups.

The firm is mainly committed to the in-depth study of insurance law, both with regards to contract and claim management.

It collaborates with the following legal journals:

Il Broker

L’Agente di Assicurazioni

Lex Trasporti